ShaSha Liu

A successful entrepreneur with rich and solid experience in the family-kid connected business, who is passionate about bringing the new concept of healthy living and happy family bonding into every family in China.

Her strong ambition is to create a integrated space to suit each family’s needs in China, where children and their families can connect, learn and grow through the power of play, and also where they can have enjoyable experience in healthy food and easy shopping. Inspired and driven by this, equipped with the unique vision and vast experience in parental education, she has kept exploring and searching for promising approach to family-kid concept business featured by innovation. This led to the successful establishment of the Brand - TheLittles in 2016, followed by the incorporation of Qingdao Jerry Henry Brothers Management Consulting Co., Ltd. In 2017 and Shanghai Sha Yuan Business Management Co., Ltd. in 2018 respectively, thus promoting a fast growth of TheLittles’ family-kid connected business in full swing in Chinese market.

team introduction

Cheryl Wang, co-founder of TheLittles brand, studied in Australia and worked as a financial controller and senior corporate management for ten years at KPMG and Nikpol, Australia. Cheryl – experience managerial executive is well versed in corporate finance, procurement, cross-border trade, supply chain management and human resource management. After returning to China, she founded the The Littles Group business with ShaSha, where she is responsible for the company's finance, operations, internal control and human resources.

We are characterized by a young, energetic operational team pioneering at the forefront of family-kid connected industry. We possess capabilities of full range of online and offline marketing distribution and sales, product standardization system including training and operation, and extensive national supply chain network for distribution which is required to support regional

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