our corporation


Qingdao Jerry Henry Brothers Management Consulting Co., Ltd. owns various brands such as TheLittles and Oak&Tree etc., primarily focusing on business in relation to family-kid concept covering kid play cafe, concept store and related training, consulting, product retail and etc.

Shanghai Sha Yuan Business Management Co., Ltd. is a sister firm of Qingdao Jerry Henry Brothers Management Consulting Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai, the center of China's finance and foreign trade. Her business includes foreign trade, supply chain management, brand cooperation and marketing / business development thankful to its inherent economic and geographical advantages.


core business

Our core business is divided into 3 main categories: The Littles Kid play cafe, Oak&Tree Kids Club, and Retail of foreign brand’s toys.


Service objective

parents and children to achieve a unique equilibrium. Through the provision of beautiful yet simple design, high-quality play equipment and facilitated and structured services, our aim is to create a relaxing and delightful social space for meaningful interactions, so that every Chinese family can enjoy [Family Time] without worries and limitations.


The company advocates delivering a brand new, healthy and happy life to every family, integrates three core elements of innovation, interest and exploration, and commit to becoming the most popular enterprise in the parent-child industry.

Play Area: Carefully selected toys for children with different ages, the play area is safe and creative, combined with the latest technological elements, encouraging children to participate into a fun journey of learning by playing in different roles, at same time stimulating them to actively explore unknown areas in daily life, as well to strengthen their intercommunication and interaction social skills.

Shopping Area: Discover and display foreign brands’ toys and children’s products, and create a family concept store with retail functions to satisfy parents’ demand on children's education, health and entertainment.

Food Area: Provide advanced, healthy and safe dining facilities and kid-friendly environment, offering parents and children qualitative Italian cuisine’s delights by using daily fresh and organic food ingredients.


Our brand

The Littles

TheLittles is a versatile, minimalist fashion parent-child interactive restaurant that combines entertainment, recreation and nutrition. Committed to letting you accompany your children, you can still enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable meal. As much as possible to meet the family social needs of versatility, TheLittles provides well-equipped venues and professional support staff for family entertainment, parent-child leisure, friends gathering, girlfriends gathering and other parent-child related activities.


Oak + trees is a parent-child restaurant combining amusement facilities and high-end Italian restaurant. Scientific and reasonable design allows children to play happily in a safe environment. The recreation space adopts an open design, allowing parents to enjoy super delicious Italian food while looking after their children. In addition, Oak+trees provides a comfortable and enjoyable social environment that allows you to accompany your child without missing a meeting with your friends. Oak+ trees is not only a children's paradise, but also a warm and comfortable parent-child space